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The core of our business; we’re fluent in source and supply of cabinetry for a broad range of project types and budgets. Feel free to peruse our partner websites below, but be sure to contact us for an in-depth interpretation.


Targeted only to multifamily markets, we’ve sourced, supplied and installed countertops since the inception of the company. Seemingly simple, insufficient planning and execution of this project element can have a major impact on both project schedule and budget. CDC doesn’t simply rely upon plans and specifications to guide its work. We employ an extensive interview, detailed submittal and site review process to assure successful results. This proactive approach is the only way to avoid surprise and disappointment.

  • Granite (Domestic & Imported)
  • Marble
  • Quartz (Domestic & Imported)


  • Decorative Hardware
  • Functional Accessories
  • Sinks
  • Green Products (Tailored to project needs)
  • Product specification
  • Design and engineering
  • Building code compliance